New Beginnings

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Hello everyone! I bet you're surprised to see a post from me in your news feed. I have been MIA for what seems like forever. I'm not going to make up excuses about assignments and work, I've basically been in a blogging rut. 
I've stepped away from the keyboard for a while to really take some time out to decide what direction I want to take this blog and of course I'm going to let you all in on it.

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I know you're all probably wondering why the emotional/motivational quote? Well, I've been a bit scared about changing the content of my blog. Wondering wether or not people are going to like it, is it going to work. Well, I'm saying sod it! If I want to have a change I'm going to do it! 
Now I will say that I'm going to be keeping "The Reading Corner", "What I Spent Sunday" and some reviews thrown in as well. 
That being said there are some new topics I want to start introducing. I definately want to start incorporating fashion posts (you thought I would have done that from the start seeing as it's in the title), I've just got to convince a few people to help me get the photos I want. 
I don't think I've mentioned this on the blog ever (correct me if I'm wrong) but I'm a bit of a fitness fanatic, I love keeping fit! So as you've probably guessed there are going to be some fitness related posts creeping in. You never know I could end up motivating one of you to join the gym! 
Finally I want to start writing more lifestyle and motivational posts, I don't know about you but I think everyone deserves positivity in their life and I want to help in any way I can, one post at a time.
I hope you're all ready to join me on this new journey into undiscovered (for me at least) territories and by all means make me accountable for my actions. If you want more motivational posts let me know! Anything you want to see on the blog don't be afraid to tell me. 
Now that we're all up to date, I hope you all have a great week.
Untill the next post, bye.

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