How To Start The Day Off Right

Monday, 6 July 2015

Hello everyone! I like to consider myself a morning person, but my occasional night owl tendencies cause me to wake up some mornings feeling groggy and reluctant to leave the sanctuary of my duvet and pillows. If you have trouble waking up and feeling ready to take on the day, I have a few tips to help you get up on the right side of the bed.

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Stop Scrolling Through Social Media

I know most people (myself included) set their alarm on their mobile phones, that's great and all, but we then get a tendency to lie there and flick through facebook, twitter etc. once we've switched our alarm off. I do this myself sometimes but I'm stopping myself and taking the time to wake up properly and let my eyes adjust naturally to the change in light. Your eyesight will thank you. It also stops me from being overstimulated first thing in the morning. Next time you wake up and reach for your phone to look through facebook, leave it. Your social media profiles are not going to disappear for the first 10 minutes of you waking up. 

Breathe and Stretch

Sit up and take a few deep breaths. Breathe in and out in a slow and controlled manner. I find if I start my day off calm, I feel calm for the rest of the day. If you had a restless night taking  a moment to calm yourself does wonders, trust me.
Then take a moment to stretch, get rid of any tightness you may be feeling and get your muscles invigorated ready for the day. If you have time (like on the weekend) try doing a yoga routine, it will wake you up and stretch you out. I recommend this one linked below.


It's the simplest step but probably the most effective tip if you want to feel good when you wake up. Have you ever noticed how good you feel after someone smiles at you or you smile at someone? It makes you feel all fuzzy inside. That's why I think it's a great way to start your day. You don't have beam like the Cheshire Cat but a small smile will be enough to trigger your brain into thinking you are happy. So, show off your pearly whites!

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Make a To-do List

If you tend to lose track of all the jobs you need to get done in a day, write them down. If you make a note of it as soon as you get up you'll be more likely to remember to finish them. 
If you've already written a list, then go over it and check if you need to add anything to it. Start your day off productively!

Hydrate Yourself

Finally drink a cold glass of water when you get up. I've started doing this myself recently and at first it seemed strange to me but it has changed my mornings completely and it has a whole heap of health benefits!
It hydrates your body, especially your organs after losing fluids while you sleep. By hydrating your organs, it kick starts your digestive system, which makes digesting your breakfast easier. It also boosts your metabolism and won't cause your blood sugar levels to spike. So avoid sugary tea and coffee as your first drink of the day.

I hope you've enjoyed this post and let me know if you use any of these tips yourself. Also if you have any other tips leave them in the comments below. 

See you back soon for the next post!

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